The greatest honor we at Capital Pacific Group can have is the accolades of happy and satisfied clients. We thank you for allowing us to be of service.


“I live in a remote area, far beyond street addresses and RFD mail delivery. E-mail is our only reliable means of communication. Ms. Jovovich first had to convince the State to send my check to my PO Box, and then solve some secondary problems. She was a brick throughout! Thank you so very, very much!”
N. Watkins


“Hurray!   I can’t thank you and your company enough!  This was so easy!  As I told you in the beginning, I have tried and tried to clear this up with the individual brokerages and then the State of California since 2001!  Now I can toss the foot high pile of correspondence I have!  My brother will be thrilled too!  Thanks again!!”
-Cloyd C.


“Trina, Thank you for your prompt response. It’s comforting knowing CPG has such reliable employees. Again, I really appreciate your prompt response.”
-Jim Passadori


This is a letter of highest recommendation for Trina Jovovich. Ms. Jovovich’s incredible knowledge and exemplary professionalism are above reproach. Her ability to navigate the state’s maze of regulations for successful fund retervial for her clients is amazing.  My case was complex because I was missing a crucial document necessary to meet the state’s requirements. Ms. Jovovich was able to circumvent this document requirement, allowing me to successfully retrieve the monies from the state.  Ms. Jovovich sets the gold standard for helping her clients claim money from the state.
-Francine L. Smiderly, M.A., M.F.C.T. 


“Thank you to you and your company. After my husband died I thought I had handled all of his accounts. Thanks to CPG you were able to help me recover accounts I was not aware he had.”
Johnna R.


“I wanted to let you know that I received the check today. Thank you for all your help from your initial contact of working with my brothers and me through this process until the end. We appreciate everything you have done for us.”
-Charla T.


“Got my check today. Thank you to all in your company!!!! It was a pleasure working with you through the process. Hopefully, I will work with you again!”
-John S.