Frequently Asked Questions

Received a Letter?
Thank you for visiting our website. Please refer to the “Description of Accounts” section in the letter you received. This section lists the items that identify specific information to the account in question, which includes:

• Owner’s name as reported

• Owner’s address as reported

• Reported by

If the information stated in this section is familiar to you please contact your investigator immediately. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and return to you what is rightfully yours.

Who is Capital Pacific Group?
Capital Pacific Group “CPG” is an investigative corporation licensed by the State of California. We specialize in returning “lost” assets to their rightful owners.

Why was I contacted by CPG?
A recent audit performed by CPG has prompted us to contact you regarding assets still outstanding. You may be a named owner of outstanding accounts or you may be an heir to these assets.

How did you find me?
As a licensed Private Investigation firm, we have access to vast archives involving past and present contact information for individuals and companies. Those records along with our genealogical resources enable us to find individuals at newer, more current addresses.

Why didn’t the original holder or reporter of the asset contact me?
The original holder most likely made attempts to contact the named owner of the asset at the address of record. If those attempts were not responded to, or if they were never received due to a change of address, then the original holder was obligated to report those accounts as “abandoned”.

How is CPG compensated for its’ services?
CPG works on a contingency fee basis. We receive our compensation once our clients’ claim is successfully completed and paid.

Are there any up front costs?
The only cost to you is a notary fee. CPG is happy to reimburse you for this expense.

What type of documentation will be required to submit a claim?
Each claim is unique and will require different documents depending on the circumstances involved. Personal Information may be requested in order to verify payment is being made to the rightful party.

What happens if other heir’s do not respond?
Your claim is not predicated upon others.  You will be paid your percentage of the claim regardless of other heirs’ responses.

How long does the claim process take?
An average claim is paid between 90 – 120 days. Hardship and elderly claims can be expedited.