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Alliance Estate Research was founded by professional genealogists and licensed private investigators. We have over 75 years of combined experience within the probate research industry.

The cornerstone of our business is locating the entitled estate beneficiaries and forging a personal relationship with the clients during the process. The staff at Alliance understands that a strong connection between the company and the client helps move the research and estate forward more smoothly and efficiently.

We realize that we cannot exist or consider our company a success without a level of commitment to providing direct contact with our clients and the estate representatives, something that cannot be stated by other firms within the industry. It is this commitment that sets us apart and makes us the firm that attorneys and estate administrators continue to turn to with their research needs.



Jay has been in the heir location industry since 1983 and a Licensed Private Investigator since 1986. The first tenure of his career was spent in Southern California as a field investigator. During these years Jay became familiar with the probate process and hands on investigative techniques used in the industry and continued his education by earning a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Long Beach State University.In 1994 Jay moved his family to Sacramento and even though he missed field investigative work, the move afforded him the opportunity to work on hundreds of estates from all over the United States and abroad.

“I feel fortunate to work in an industry which is bringing news of a potential inheritance to folks. Every case brings a challenge and a story.”

Jay is fascinated by the history told through life stories uncovered through research. “Stories such as a first generation immigrant that changed her name and moved to California to become a Hollywood starlet. And the gentleman that took the name of a neighbor to escape his past and died in Long Beach with over a million dollars in his estate. I look forward to helping many more through Alliance Estate.”



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